Technique: hand sewn blind hem stitch

While we could easily talk about machine blind stitching, the beauty of the stitch is really in its hand sewn counterpart.  The blind stitch is paramount to fine tailoring and couture construction.  After all, what makes haute couture more desirable than hours upon hours of meticulous, hand finishing techniques by seamstress royalty?  First, the formal definition of the stitch from Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B. Shaeffer (a fabulous instructional book filled with tons of gorgeous pictures of vintage couture):

“The blindstitch is the most frequently used hemming stitch and is worked inconspicuously between the hem and garment.”

And now for the instructional pictures with matching captions!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I find that this stitch is most useful for sewing lining into shells, so I’ve used that as the main example, followed by a few slides of blind hem stitching of a rolled hem with a continuous stroke of pulling through fold and picking up threads.

Notice that the thread, even being bright teal, is barely noticeable on the right side of fabric!  Just imagine if you use matching thread…

Sew away, lovelies <3



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