Treasure hunting at estate sales

Things I learned today about estate sales:

  1. They usually start on Thursday mornings.
  2. Estate scavengers are mostly interested in jewelry and home goods (and are very, very serious).
  3. There are sometimes these lists that you put your name on for entrance into the house.  No. 76 but should of been no. 36, a/k/a me, learned this one the hard way.
  4. The estate company marks the prices of most things much higher than you would expect.  How hardcore resellers make any money is beyond me.
  5. They are in the middle of goddamn nowhere.
  6. Some people are really fixated on particular hobbies…

…which is why today worked out great for me in the sewing circle!

I bought a bevy of fur coats, vintage dresses and scarves, some costume jewelry, and…ANTIQUE SEWING MACHINES!

I took this one home without even seeing inside the box (the key was lost), and after much strife from that lock, opened it to find a slightly faded, but gorgeous working Singer from the 1920s.  Yay!

And then, although no matching cabinet, I found “The Free No. 5”, which is most likely from the same time period (what I wouldn’t do to be sewing flapper dresses and stoles on this lil jem).

And, of course, an antique metal iron from the late 1800s.  I feel a post about the history of irons coming on (oh, tailors’ stoves!).

I think I may just be getting the hang of this estate sale junkie thing.


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