Happy Valentine’s Day, perfect pears

Dear Anjou sweethearts,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

What better way to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day,

Than an Anjou preview!

This reproduction 1940’s day dress handmade by Anjou will be available in a number of different fabrics and sizes and is so darling, that’s what I’ve named it.  Expect to get fancy with Anjou lace skirt wraparounds (to be posted later and available in the shop).

The Darling by Anjou

Speaking of fancy, throw this little vintage fox stole over your shoulders and some vintage silk wrapped beads around your neck, and you’ve got yourself a glamorous look worthy of a thousand and one kisses.

Fox Stole

Oui, Oui!  This vintage fur is 100% french rabbit.

Vintage French Rabbit Fur

Vintage faux mink?  Ab-so-positutely!

Luscious vintage faux fur perfect for cuddling up while sipping cognac in front of a fire (or at a dark bar with a fireplace, which is where I’d be) with your cutie pie.

Faux Fur

Well, rabbits, I’m off to enjoy an amorous afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier (swoon).  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, lovers, and keep an eye out for these romantic looks on the soon-to-be-arriving Anjou shop <3


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