Anjou’s Spring 2011 Vintage Dress Collection

Judging from the light breeze, plentiful rays of sunshine, and my kittens’ exponential increase in rambunctiousness, I’d say Spring is right around the corner!  With all those afternoons you have planned filled with bike rides, picnics, bocce ball, dips in the springs, mimosa brunches, and window shopping, shorts and a t-shirt just won’t do.  Anjou has an adorable collection of Spring swing, wiggle, and flirty dresses for all of your outdoor leisure.  Window shop the dresses below and click on the photo for the link to it on Anjou’s Etsy site.  There you can read the description, see more photos, try it on in the virtual fitting room (see measurements), and purchase.  Toot-a-loo, I hear peach and mango champagne calling my name…

Gunne Sax Flirty Dress

Vintage Gunne Sax flirty dress

Pink Embroidered Wiggle Dress

Vintage 1960's pink embroidered wiggle dress

Vintage Silk Sailor Dress

Vintage blue and white silk sailor dress

Stevie Nicks Dress

Vintage 1970's fringed Stevie Nicks dress

Vintage Sunshine Yellow Boho Dress

Vintage sunshine yellow boho dress

Vintage Boho Mini Dress

Vintage floral boho mini dress

Betty Draper Day Dress

Vintage 1950's Betty Draper day dress with rose pattern

Gunnies by Jessica Ruffled Boho Skirt

Vintage Gunnies by Jessica ruffled boho skirt

Austrian Dirndl

Vintage authentic Austrian dirndle in navy blue


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