The Provocatively Feminine Style of Joan Holloway

With Mad Men on a hiatus for longer than I care to think about, I thought, why not dish a little about the woman who put the bang in booty and the wham in wiggle; Joan Holloway (I refuse to accept the Harris!).  Never ashamed to show every round inch of supple lusciousness, Joan rarely strays from the wiggle silhouette.  I’m almost certain she would steal into the office and drown herself in Don’s liquor supply before she twirled a circle skirt dress ala lil Ms. Draper.

So what makes Joan quintessentially covetable and undeniably daring?

– Let’s face it; the sexiest thing about this star secretary is the fact that she is always prepared.  Whether she charmingly deals wit, business know-how, a stiff drink, sound advice, or the harsh reality, Joan never loses her cool.  Besides maintaining secrecy, her best quality is that she’s ready for anything, at any time.  Which is why she believes in functional jewelry.  The long gold necklace she dons in almost every episode doubles as a pen, of course!  Here’s a vintage-inspired (and bejeweled, drool) version on Amazon for only $28. (click on pic for link)

Vintage-Inspired Pen Necklace

Vintage-Inspired Pen Necklace

– And what better way for Ms. Holloway to draw the eye towards one of her best assets than a perfectly placed brooch?  If the bodice is plain, liven it up with vintage gold and rhinestones!  Joan pins one on when her outfit is unadorned by a scarf or collar.  Here’s one that I have for sale in my shop, Anjou Vintage & Clothing on Etsy for $14. (click on pic for link).

Vintage Cockatiel Brooch

Vintage Cockatiel Brooch

– And where, oh where, would Joan be without her now infamous wiggle silhouette?  I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

Now we only have a year (ugh) before we see how our Joanie’s style evolves with the arrival of the late 60s and the mod subculture.  Stay true, Red, stay true!



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