Miss Masquerade if you’re crafty

Because LA Gay Pride is anything but timid, I rather fancied the idea of fashioning makeshift masquerade masks for us girlie girls to wear while gallivanting around Erotic City (um, can you say leather daddies?) and the L Word Lounge (nonexistent by the time we arrived – apparently the 9pm bedtime applies even during gay pride).  Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette was my inspiration for these easy-breezy tulle masks.

1) Cut a strip of tulle about 4 inches wide by about 40 inches long (to tie in back of head)

2) Measure from temple to temple across the eyes (mine was 7 inches)

3) On either side of the 7 inches (where the temples are), tighten a piece of thread around the tulle and tie securely in place.

4) Tie three feathers together at their bases with thread

5) Tie the feather clusters at each temple end of the tulle (where you tightened the tulle with thread) so that they are angled towards your eyes

6) Fashion over your eyes, across the bridge of your nose, and tie in the back of your head

7) Voila!!  Sexy and simple DIY masquerade mask complete.  Hopefully you have a lovely and understanding fiancée (like I do) to help you over the curbs, as it’s just a little hard to see the madness through the tulle.  Fashion is sacrifice!

* Alternatively, put feathers on only one side for an asymmetric look, or use flowers, ostrich feathers, etc

Marie Antoinette Masquerade Mask

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette Masquerade Mask

Black Masquerade Mask

Black Tulle Masquerade Mask by Anjou

Blue Tulle Masquerade Mask

Blue Tulle and Feathers Masquerade Mask by Anjou (modeled by the ever lovely Brandi)




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