In with the new, out with the old

So I’ve decided with the summer solstice searing its scorching heat on the city streets of Los Angeles (okay, okay, it’s a cool and breezy 74 degrees), that I need to update a couple things.  First and completely necessary, hang tags.  I’ve been forgetting to make them; mailing out custom dresses with no demarcation of their origination…fashion blasphemy!  So, here are some photos of the new, more professional, and certainly more informative hang tags:


On recycled cardstock, I now have the words “Handmade by Anjou” printed on the front of the tag, and the care instructions handwritten on the back. Before I package the garment, I write in the material type and the size information. And my favorite new idea – cutting and edging a square piece of your custom fabric. All hung through a heart-shaped hole punch with delicate ribbon and a gold safety pin, of course.



Hang TagHang Tag














Hang TagHang Tag













Summer sunshine is also firing up those old neurons and sparking an interest in acquiring a new blog theme – I feel like a simpler, classier, and most importantly customizable theme is desperately needed. This will be coming sooner than soon.

And last, but certainly not least, longer daylight hours and blooming strawberries (aren’t they just the sweetest this season?) are making me nostalgic for days in Orlando spent outside with DIY projects spread out on picnic blankets. As much as I love (like, love) vintage fabrics, I’m planning a test hand-dying session on some of that wonderfully supple silk crepe de chine that billows around balmy summer nights. More on hand dying (and my inspirations) in the next post!


Crepe de Chine

xoxo Anjou


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