Photoshop and dressmaking adventures

I know you’re sick of hearing it, but…though I LOVE being busy, I wanna tell a different story at Mad Men inspired parties!  Maybe the one where I finally get to try the new vintage apron pattern waiting for me in my long lost drawer.  Or the ginger and pumpkin scented one where I get to harvest my vintage fall fabric collection.  Or even the one where my hands end up blue and red from spilling homemade natural fabric dyes concocted from blueberries and beets.  But, alas, this pattern is just so dang charming, I haven’t stopped getting orders for it since I listed it!  One day I will introduce a new silhouette, one day.

Here is my absolute favorite vintage fabric score thus far – a floral cotton chintz with ginormous bouquets of pink and red tulips and roses <3

Red Rose Dress

On a completely related sidenote, my sinfully delightful friends Rachel and Brian, who are whacky and fun and undeniably attractive (um, power couple much?), recently sent me a play-by-play of probably the cutest date ever.  Rachel, in the Anjou 50’s party dress and Anjou vintage crinoline, and Brian in an Anjou vintage skinny tie, sashayed out and about town, snapping pictures, sipping martinis, and being pretty.  And just so you can get a sense of how elegant and chic and fantastically retro these two really are, here’s a smattering of the photos:

Naturally, this is where the Photoshop fun came in.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make photos appear retro without having to buy the expensive repro cameras from Urban Outfitters, and luckily I StumpledUpon this little gem of a tutorial!  I didn’t follow it exactly, by any means, but you get the gist – hazy fazy, blurred and softened right back into the ’60s.


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