Aprons Fresh From the Farm

I must admit, I have a not so secretive longing for a life on the farm.  Perhaps I can blame it on an obsession with pastoral authors like Tolstoy and Pearl Buck or my upbringing in rural New Jersey (there is such a thing!), but I love all things rustic.  Especially the food!  Farmers’ markets, creamy goat cheese, succulent melons with all their glorious rind imperfections, and chicken so fresh I have to pull feathers out of my teeth.  No antibodies, no hormones, no fertilizer, no brainer!  And what goes more perfectly with a late afternoon lunch fresh from the fields of my sunny Hollywood walkway than floral aprons from the past?  From doubling as curtains in a retro kitchen (ignore the orchid that’s, ahem, resting for the summer) to protecting my precious vintage and handmade wardrobe, they are multipurpose wonders.

Apron Curtains

Retro Apron Kitchen Curtains

Feedsack Apron

Rustic and Ruffled 50's Style Apron in Vintage Floral Feedsack Fabric by Anjou

Roses Apron

Sweet as Roses 50's Style Scalloped Apron in Vintage Floral Chintz Fabric by Anjou

After cultivating and harvesting aprons…which of course metaphorically translates to sewing and posting in the Anjou Etsy shop, respectively…I’ve been taking it kinda easy.  I also took advantage of the cool breeze blowing through my kitchen window this afternoon and harvested (for real this time!) some of my basil for a farm fresh caprese salad.  So light.  So simple.  And soooo ‘mmmbidits’ worthy!  Here’s the illustrated story of my afternoon in basil heaven as well as a recipe card for your own farm fresh collection :)

Plant Walkway

Basil, strawberries, and lavender in my 'city farm'


Gorgeous green basil ripe for the pickin'

Caprese Salad Ingredients

Late afternoon caprese salad ingredients

Caprese Salad Ingredients

Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, and chopped homegrown basil

Oil and balsamic

Oil and balsamic are such frenemies

Sea Salt and Pepper

Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Chopped Ingredients

Imperfectly perfect chopped and sliced

Caprese Salad

Light and simple caprese salad

Caprese Salad Recipe Card


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