This little pigment went to the market

Remember when I had that tutorial on natural garment dyes?  (since even I’m struggling through the recesses of my very cluttered brain, here’s a link to refresh your memories: Dye Job, Au Naturale).  Well, boil me and call me lilac, because here’s my process from start to finish for creating the newly listed “It Girl Tunic” in the Anjou Etsy Shop!

Natual Dye - Cabbage

The Process: Natural lavender dye from red cabbage

Voila! Ici!  Clara Bow’s iconic profile hand painted on an Anjou designed and constructed (and meticulously hand-dyed) lilac 100% silk crêpe de chine tunic (click on pic to link to the shop).

It Girl Tunic

Hand Dyed and Hand Painted "It Girl" Crepe de Chine Tunic in Blushing Lilac

ps:  I know I’ve never mentioned it, but I dabble a bit in portraiture…here’s some samples of my work :)


Oil on Canvas.


Oil on Canvas.

French Girl

Oil on Wood.

French Girl 2

Oil on Canvas.


Oil on Canvas.

French Girl 3

Watercolor on Paper.


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