Providence Dreams

Lately, with this LA heat wave (oh deary me, it was over 100 degrees today), I’ve been daydreaming verrrrry wistfully of a harbor town nestled in the ice cold and foggy New England coast.  I have a couple of very dear friends in the area and even more in New York City, and I think it is high time I make it back to east tide.  Naturally, my clever little subconscious is always a million steps ahead of me and planted the seed for this windswept and seafaring (not to mention endearingly classy and delicate) dress in white eyelet cotton and blue cotton twill with a single gauzy layer of tulle over the skirt.  It’s in the shop, ready to wear, and willing to go big in a certain small state in the north east corridor.  Why do I suddenly remind myself of all those weather people talking about Hurricane Irene?  As always, click on the pic for the link.

New England Summer Dress

Dreamy 40's Reproduction Sweetheart A-Line Dress in White Eyelet and Blue Twill Fabric by Anjou

New England Summer Dress

Bow belt and tulle layer details



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