Leave it to Bieber

With Halloween approaching, I’ve been designing and sewing Betty Draper costumes like a mad woman…as well as celebrating the first birthday into my 30s (eep!).  And since I’m quickly turning into the crazed version of June Cleaver, I’ll be taking a much-needed break and heading over and up to Salem, Mass on October 16th.  So, I figured why not showcase all those fabulous fifties’ frocks that our non-ghoul trick-or-treaters will be donning?  Obsessing over vintage starlets as usual, I scouted several dresses that have twins in my repertoire…not the scary Shining twins, but you know, like, twinsies!  So here are the “Who wore it better?” pictures!  Just don’t be too hard on my mannequin, guys and gals.  She may not have any arms, legs, a prominent bust, or a variety of poses, but she’s got brains!  Ok, so maybe she doesn’t, but she serves her purpose well.  And that purpose is to stand tall and wear what she was meant to wear:  pretty retro dresses!

Grace Kelly Tulle Skirt

Romantic Grace Kelly Made-to-Order Ballerina Tulle Tutu Skirt with Satin Sash by Anjou

Grace Kelly as Lisa Fremont

Grace Kelly in 'Rear Window'











Judy Garland as Dorothy

Judy Garland as Dorothy in the 'Wizard of Oz'

Blue Gingham Dress

50's Reproduction Day Dress in Custom Fabrics and Sizes by Anjou













Shirtwaist Dress

50's Reproduction Collared Shirtwaist Dress in Custom Fabrics, Sizes, and Styles by Anjou

Bardot Wedding Dress

Bridgette Bardot in her Esterel Wedding Dress

Betty Draper

January Jones as Betty Draper

Betty Draper Dress

50's Reproduction Tea Party Dress in Custom Fabrics and Sizes by Anjou


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