Sweep me away

Aye, me matey!  Anyone catch the dreamy salt and brine covered spread in the Nov ’11 Vogue?  It made me soooooo nostalgic for my new favorite place in the states and soon-to-be future wharf home – Portland, Maine!  I already have my eye on the Nathaniel Hamblen house built in 1827 that’s listed on  A historic home (with possible hidden treasure!) and it’s in the super adorable, progressive, and creative Arts District.  Please, please, please, someone offer my incredibly smart and talented fiance a bomb job in Portland!  Or I’ll just have to buy a lobstering boat and name ‘er Cordelia.  I snapped some photos of the misty, foggy, sea sprayed cliffs of Cape Elizabeth and wish I had left a portkey ala Harry Potter…


Vogue November 2011

Vogue Nov ’11 “Swept Away”

Hamblen House

Look. at those floorboards. want.

Hamblen House


Portland Wharf

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth


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