To madamoiselle, with love

Over the last year, I’ve been creating dresses for customers all over the world and have only recently come to terms with my ethnocentric view.  Although it’s “Fall” here in the continental states (sure doesn’t feel like it here in LA), climates change radically across this wide, wide world and our closets tend to reflect our own seasons, not Anna Wintour’s.  While I may be breaking out the cardigans, you may be packing them away!   So here are the new customizable silhouettes available in the shop – go sleeveless in Honolulu, don 3/4 sleeves for chillier nights in Sydney, or go long in Portland, Maine!  Show cleavage in Athens, Greece, opt for a high neckline in Tokoyo, or really warm your neck with a mandarin collar for cold afternoons in Bejing.

Sweetheart Dress

Custom Vintage Fabrics and Sizes Available: Adorable 1950's Style Sweetheart Dress by Anjou

Fifties Dress

Custom Vintage Fabrics and Sizes Available: Adorable 1950's Style Spring Tea Party Dress with Bows by Anjou

Shirtwaist Dress

Customizable Betty Draper 50's Reproduction Shirtwaist Day Dress by Anjou

Custom Dress

Customizable Charming 50's Reproduction Scoop Back Full Skirt Dress by Anjou

Wiggle Dress

Custom Fabrics and Sizes: Classic and Polished Vintage Reproduction Wiggle Dress with Bow Belt by Anjou

While you peruse the silhouettes and determine your perfect combination, I’ll be scouring the world for vintage fabrics that span all seasons – such as these in stock!

Vintage PlaidVintage Gingham











Vintage Seersucker

Vintage Floral



  1. Dear Anjou, Congratulations on your incredible talent and style! I am hoping you would be kind and share with me where you purchased the fabric for the gorgeous 195o Spring Tea Party dress…I am redecorating my bedroom and wish to make Pillows and a Bed scarf from that fabric.
    Warm regards, Lisa


  1. […] Anjou Clothing offers lots of vintage looking dresses, enjoy HERE […]

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