Happy Halloween, lovebirds

With All Hallow’s Eve making it’s ghostly return in a matter of days, I’ve been contemplating what costumes my love and I would wear if work didn’t get in the way and if my mind weren’t already in the Northeast, eating poison candy apples in Salem.  It’s difficult to think of DIY couples’ costumes when there are all of those super clever (not!) ‘bacon and frying pan’ and ‘plug and socket’ ready-mades, but here are my top eleven DIY couples’ Halloween costumes that are easily made with some sewing skills, vintage clothing, and copious amounts of face paint.  Enjoy!

Mime Photo

French Mimes. Photographer: unknown.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. ‘Marie Antoinette’ by Sofia Coppola.


Rose-Ringed Parakeets. by Rachel Diaz-Bastin (click on pic for link to shop)

Seamstress and Tailor

Seamstress and Tailor. by bohemianchick02

Ring Master and Bearded Lady

Ring Master and Bearded Lady.  by thestapellacompany (click on pic for link to shop)

Railroad Workers

Railroad Workers (add some coal smudges). ‘Tipping the Velvet’

Ghostly Ballerinas

Ghostly Ballerinas. Vogue Italia April 2010

Tattooed Lady and Tattoo Artist

Tattooed Lady and Tattoo Artist.

WW2 Sailor and Nurse

WWII Sailor and Nurse.

Ventriloquist and Dummy

Ventriloquist and Dummy. ‘Chicago’

Gypsy Couple

Gypsy Couple. by Josh Goleman.




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