All I want for Christmas is jewels

One day in the very far, far future I will start planning my winter collection when I’m supposed to – before Fourth of July fireworks have even lit up the sky.  But alas, tis almost the season (or so the malls would have us believe) and I am just planning my palette.  Sugarplums are dancing madly in my head and I’m excited to sew wildly over the next couple of weeks so that I can get some samples up on Constanza the Mannequin.

I’m thinking traditional mid-century fabrics for the dresses: jewel toned taffeta and bengaline, brocade and damasks, and stretch wools.  Tightly fitting bodices, three-quarter sleeves, and plunging necklines.  I’ve been fairly modest with my silhouettes over Sp/Su, so baring cleavage will be something new for me!  I’ve created this holiday palette and in an impulsive, crazy moment, purchased the taffetas already.  Oh, how I can’t wait to tear open that package.  Look for the samples up for sale in the shop in the next few weeks!

Winter Palette

Anjou Winter Palette

Ooh, and I curated my first holiday Etsy treasury of the season:

Holiday Treasury

Holiday Treasury



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