White-Washed Winter

I’ve been dreaming of living in New England ever since I was seven or eight years old.  There is just something about the cliffs, the hanging fog, the monochromatic feel, and that piscine sting that takes me to my happy place.  And I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s always sunny and 70 in Los Angeles, but I am craving some wintery weather.  As I impatiently wait for the planets to align, while excessively listening to Bon Iver and running the A/C, I’ve been trying to shape a possible future winter collection organically.  By daydreaming about a snowy New England coastline.  Ghostly harbors, whipping winds, gray skies, all dolloped with brightly colored winter birds.

And for some reason, the word mystic has been popping up in my life lately, so I’m taking it as a sign that:

  • I need to move relatively close to Mystic, CT, as my dearest friend Kellan insisted.  He lives in Cambridge, Mass and the short visit in October just wasn’t enough.  Perfect weather for gathering inspiration!
  • Heliodor (Beryl) must be involved.  What could possibly be more mystic than a stone that never retains its original color.
  • A ghostly pallet with splashes of random color is a possibilty

With all those things in mind, I’ve developed this preliminary inspiration board for a winter in the future (2012?).  I really love the thought of winter bird colors on natural knits.  I’m not so sure about the addition of Navajo art…though I love it, I’m not sure it really fits in.

Winter Fashion Inspiration Board 2012

Anjou Winter '12 Inspiration Board



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