Immortal in oil

Wow.  I can barely believe my own eyes.  I actually finished a painting today!  I took a day-long break from Anjou and after much procrastination with the forever provocative interwebs, I started and finished my mom’s Christmas present painting.  She’s been pleading for one for so long, but time has daftly eluded me the past year.  She is just so thoughtful with her gifts though, that I just had to sit down and bang it out.  And hot damn, in 8 hours, from scratch to finish, I immortalized a random girl on flickr in oil, sweat, and backbreaking postures.

Since I scooped the resource photo for this years ago, I have absolutely no idea who the girl or photographer is.  If anyone has an inkling, I’d be forever grateful!

Here are the crappy photos taken with my even crappier iPhone 3G ::for shame::  I swear I will hit up a Kinko’s before posting it to my mom and make a proper scan.

Indie Gypsy Girl Oil Portrait Painting

Indie Gypsy Oil Portrait Painting

Indie Gypsy Oil Portrait Painting




  1. You have a lovely style. I just tootled on over here after studying your tutu tutorial and have now completed four of my own. It’s great to see another all-around artist online. What a pretty painting!

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