And on the 3rd day before Christmas, my true love made for me…

Remember how I promised you a second list of DIY and vintage Christmas gift ideas?  Well here it is only 3 days before Olde Saint Nick shimmies down our chimneys, and I am finally posting it.  Since holiday shipping deadlines have long eluded all of us procrastinators, we are pretty much left to our own DIY devices.  Therefore, I’ve decided that this list will be entirely comprised of gifts we can make in a pinch from household objects or our own crafty supplies.  Onward Dasher and Prancer! –>


  • know how to knit, but not at lightening speed?  Yoga socks literally take only a couple of hours to whip(stitch) into shape!  And they will be loved by any limber lass or lad who needs toe and heel traction, but doesn’t like the feeling of a cold floor early in the morning.  Pilates instructors, ballerina beauties, yoga aficionados, even Ju Jitsu masters can enjoy these hand knit foot warmers.  Click on the pic to link to a free knitting pattern and have these little cuties wrapped in snowman paper by Christmas Eve.

Yoga Socks Knitting Pattern


  • Remember the magic of shaking snowglobes and imagining yourself in the miniature villages, catching snowflakes on your tongue?  Recreate that feeling of instant nostalgia with your own crafty flair – a mason jar!  With a little epoxy, some glycerin, glitter, and your imagined winter wonderland, you can make a simple and adorable gift or decoration.  Doves, snowmen, old keys, twigs, narwhals, David Bowie – it’s up to you what your dreamscape-in-a-bottle looks like.  Click on the pic for instructions from
Anthropologie Snowglobes

from Anthropologie


  • have a gazillion gorgeous vintage fabric remnants and don’t know what to do with them?  Make a clutch of course!  Every girl could use a spare space to store movie ticket stubs and loose rhinestones.  And knowing that it was hand sewn with love by you might just up the clutch to her everyday purse.  Click on the pic to link to the tutorial.
DIY Clutch Sewing Pattern

from Keyka Lou


  • Everyone has that friend who throws her smooshed-face puggle birthday parties complete with sparklers and meat-flavored cakes.  Grab an old cookie tin and fill it with your very own homemade dog treats.  Discover such cookie flavors as onion and bacon (blech!), and I promise you won’t be tempted to lick the bowl.  Mr. Barky McBarker will love his own version of Grandma’s cookies and if he doesn’t, hey, he’ll still lick your face.  Click on the pic to link to doggy-licious recipes:
Dog Treat Recipes



  • feeling a little artsy but don’t have the time to let paint dry?  Grab your pens, markers, colored pencils, or crayons and draw your very own Christmas book!
The Night After Christmas Book

The Night After Christmas – Illustrations by Andrea Driessen


  • speaking of paper, make a wreath out of sheet music or book pages!  Use their favorite song or literary masterpiece to make it even more special.  Click on the pic to link to the tutorial.
Book Page Wreath

from Inspirations by D

Happy Holidays to all and to all, a good night!  May sugar plums dance merrily in your head <3




  1. Anjou, your link to the yoga socks pattern actually goes to your sizing chart in your Etsy store.

  2. xoxoxlittlej says:

    I’ve been seeing different version of wreaths almost on every DIY blog. I love the idea of using the music sheets or book pages. I have a ton of magazines lying around that could definitely be transformed into wreaths. Thanks for the tips!

  3. i love the foot warmers! i might make some actually…

  4. Totally off-season, I realize, but had to take a peek at those gorgeous snow-globe jars! They are lovely (as are the rest of your gift suggestions) Great post–will have to bookmark for wintertime :)

    • I know, right?!! I love Anthropologie so much. Even if their stuff isn’t actually homemade, it sure looks like it (and they such great ideas!). I love the sheet music wreath too – totally want to make that next xmas, for sure :)

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