A Very Merry You and Me

Christmas Pin up

Merry Christmas to all!  I hope it was full of mulled wine (or cayenne dusted hot cocoa), scrumptious treats, and so much warmth, cheer, and treasures traded that you almost popped!  I’m pretty sure I did.  This holiday was so much more than I could possibly ask for (except being home with my family, of course) – I am now looking at a brand spanking new serger, vintage pinking shears and sewing goodies, an absolutely gorgeous pair of ornate reproduction 1920’s shears (pic to come), a fancy french easel, the most delicate handmade clothing and jewelry (more about these later!), vintage t-strap heels, two very sleepy and slightly stoned (‘nip!) kitties, and two empty bags of Ghiradelli holiday chocolate squares.  Whoops.  All in all a decidedly pleasant and nap requiring day.  I suppose I will have to get back to work tomorrow, though, and test out this new fangled serging contraption!  I am a little sorry that I have to give up my beloved french seams.  I have a very serious love/hate relationship with complicated methods.

So I hope you had the best Christmas ever, and guess what?  New Year’s Eve is only a twirl, whirl, and two-step away.  A night of glittering dresses, midnight kisses, and the bubbliest of champagne awaits us!



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