The Untrustworthies

There is a light shining on your face.  Beads of sweat slowly drip down your flushed cheeks and into your glass of room temperature scotch.  You shakily pull out a cigarette from your gold case.  The latch sticks, so you leave it lying open on the table.  The detective reaches over and lights a match, holding it directly between your eyes before bringing it down to the tip of your cigarette.  You count to 10 in your head, trying to calm yourself.

“Did you murder someone on New Year’s Eve to fulfill a sinister plot of revenge?”  He asks, leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms, and looking so deeply into your eyes, he can see your soul.

Good thing your soul is only tainted by someone else’s sins.

You blow out the smoke in a slow, billowy stream, a french inhale; your nerves calmed.

“No, Detective.  But I know someone who did.”

Ok, so this isn’t quite how my New Year’s Eve of murder mystery dinner theatre went, but it certainly was an evening I’ll never forget!  The rooftop air was chilly, the lights twinkling, and the old fashioneds were flowing.  Not to mention blanks ringing out in the air and accusations of murder and questionable taste.  We had the pleasure of meeting a couple, who on top of being adorable and hilarious, gave the questionable suspects (everybody else!) the fitting title of “the Untrustworthies”.  As it turned out, the lady who exclaimed to everyone that she brought her own tea bags and the man who certainly must own a conversion van full of lollipops and tricycles were entirely free of murderous deviations!  At least they were on that night.

In any case, I thought I would play the part.  I wore my new Christmas present, a dress by Leanne Marshall, and a tried and true favorite vintage couture cardigan of mine – a Bernhard Altmann cashmere with a detachable mink collar and lace lining.

Bernhard Altmann cashmere and mink cardigan and silk Leanne Marshall dress

1940's Bernhard Altmann cashmere and mink cardigan and silk Leanne Marshall dress

Bernard Altmann Cashmere Cardigan

Leanne Marshall silk dress

Bernhard Allman Cardigan Leanne Marshall Dress


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