Sew Retro

Ah!!  So I was trolling the Singer website last night for the warranty section (the tip of the upper looper on my brand new serger broke off mid-stitch, boo), and I came across this little gem!

Singer 160Of course it’s launching exclusively on the Home Shopping Network (how 50’s!) and they aren’t pre-releasing any info, but I heard from a little birdie that it’s going to be $659 or $499 with a trade-in and has one-touch stitch selector and 24 built-in stitches.  It’s nom de plume, the 160, stems from the amazing fact that Singer is celebrating their 160 year mark.  If you head over to, they have an incredible selection of tales told by sewers throughout the ages as well as vintage photos and advertisements.

Sadly, we missed the free give away on facebook…I really need to start getting on that.

Singer Retro

Vintage Singer

Vintage SInger

Vintage Singer

Singer Portable Sewing Machine

My very own 1940's Vintage Portable Singer



  1. Love these photos………. thank you for sharing them!

  2. pinkfluffyworld says:

    Reblogged this on pinkfluffyworld and commented:
    Lovely sewing machine! it looks very similar to my old one…..just modern! I wonder if this will be for sale in the uk? it looks really smart.

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