A little spring in your winter step

I know that elsewhere in the world, normal winter things are going on: the crackle and pop of burning logs in the fireplace, hot toddies stewing in the crockpot, a nip and a gasp as icy morning air hits your lungs, warm and tingling fingertips after an epic snowball fight, a puff of your breath as it floats up towards the stars in the black winter sky.  I could add a million things I miss about east coast winters to that list.

All nostalgia aside, I also remember the mid-winter dream of a spring day.  In the depths of January and February, I put the dirty Philadelphia curb snow out of my mind and imagined myself running innocently through meadows, traversing backyard garden after garden, picking wildflowers and braiding them through my hair; the sunshine dappling my face with warm afternoon rays and a slight breeze that blew wishies from the fields.

Larissa Darragh captured these springtime wishes sublimely in the below photos.  To paraphrase my favorite Lucksmith’s song, her photos caught sunlight in a jar.  And check out the Anjou dress floating around the fields and gardens.  Thanks for the springtime daydreams, Larissa!

Larissa Darragh

photographer: Larissa Darragh

Larissa Darragh

photographer: Larissa Darragh



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