Speaking of fabric…

I found two super rad end-of-bolt fabrics yesterday! They are completely different from each other and actually pretty different from the fabrics I normally work with, but hey, it’s 2012.  The world could end and my only legacy would be big floral prints.  So I bought them on a whim and, in fact, have already cut them into dress pieces.

The striped one is woven and sheer and will one day grow up to be an incredibly full circle skirt with tiered pleats.  I cut black medium-weight linen for the accompanying high-neck, sleeveless bodice with a low scoop back.  Sassy!  I love how it almost has a Navajo feel.

Navajo Fabric

Navajo Fabric

The second fabric that I lucked out on is a sheer small floral that reminds me so much of a 40’s feedsack dress.  I’m going a little bit country, a little bit Hollywood with this one, though, and am creating a Lauren Bacall type structured 40’s dress.

40s style fabric

40s style fabric

I’m excited to see how they turn out and of course, can’t wait to share the dressy outcomes.



  1. I am so glad I came across your blog! Loved it!

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