Glams with gams

You know how over the past couple of weeks I’ve been maniacally blissful in the depths of a tulle pool?  Well, here’s the ultra-fabulous result!  I can’t think of anything more gorgeous (and hilarious) than these girls in Anjou skirts.  The expressions, the sheer beauty, the mimicking of the hysterical Bridesmaids movie poster, and the complete awesomeness of the bride and her bridal party pretty much made my December -> January.

Oh!  And if you check out the stunner third from the left you can see her can-canning the flask garter that I made all the girls as a gift.  I used remnants of a vintage floral fabric, elastic, and some black fringe for a sassy french market feel.  Since the flask garters were so simple and required such little material (and can contain just the right amount of a deliciously intoxicating concoction), I think I may make it my next YouTube tutorial…fingers and gams crossed!

DIY Wedding Skirts Tulle Vintage

Bridesmaids (the movie) reenactment. (the bridesmaids are wearing black and vintage pink lined Anjou Tulle Skirts)



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