Times Three

Brittany Wiechert

by Brittany Wiechert

There is a time when the perfect trifecta comes into your life.  And like the Bermuda Triangle, you get sucked in, never really able to return to the dull reality of the day-to-day.

Today’s perfect trifecta: creative friends + shoes + Victorian images.

John Fluevog Shoes, a shoe company with an extraordinary catalogue, a history of cobbling for the likes of Robert Altman and Madonna, and a giant beating heart for up and coming designers, is holding an open-casting for graphic designers everywhere.  A chance to shake up the ordinary and fascinate.

Luckily, I already know which design they should go with.

My super rad and insanely talented friend, Brittany, composed the design below for the Fluevog advertisement and if you love it, you can click on the pic and link to her submission.  From there, click on “click to like this” and give a thumbs up to her massive creativity.

Vintage Shoe Advertisement Victorian

The Miracle Mind by Brittany Wiechert. Click to link and vote!

Spring 12: Miracle Medugorje
The Miracle Mind

Design by: Brittany Wiechert, Seattle, WA

Miracles are in the mind of the beholder. Thus what sparked my idea for this piece. Being beyond obsessed with nineteenth century illustrations i wanted something that caused the shoes to drastically stand out. They are the miracle in her mind.

**update: she’s in the final 4! to vote, click on the pic

Head-over-heels for her talent?  Click on her pic below to link to a photography style that transmutes the mundane…surreal or hyper-real; they are portraits and landscapes that escape this world just a little bit.

I suppose if I were in the unfortunate circumstance of being held at knifepoint and were asked to describe Brittany’s style in a single sentence, it would be this:

It’s as if you are a tiny person, looking out of bookeh eyes from the smallest lens at the widest world around you.

Brittany Wiechert

And her strangely wide-eyed and captivating view is not just limited to photography or graphic design.  Those stills come to life in the same sort of unreal realness on her moving film as well.  Check out the film that she (as one part of Iri, along with Matt) debuted at the Seattle BYOB.

Entitled “but it exists”, by iri


As always, xoxo.

ps: if you’d like to be a featured artist (whether it be photography, jewelry, fashion, painting, or cello making), send a short bio, some pics, and your links to


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