All Girls Go To Vintage Heaven

Yesterday, after doing some early morning writing and drinking a carmel latte (oh, sweet nectar), I hopped on over to the thrift store in search of my spring wardrobe.  I’m making an effort to ban Forever 21/H&M/Urban from my closet, mostly because although they do a marvelous job of reproducing vintage trends, the garments just do not give an authentic silhouette or feel.  I can tell there is a difference in the way I walk in a lycra/rayon dress screenprinted with Victorian roses and the way I saunter in a velvet wiggle dress from the days of high balls and pin curls.

  And I’ll be damned, I think this little rendezvous was one for the ages.  I’ll be parting with a few garments not shown here (hot pink linen pencil skirt!), but for the most part, I’ve already handwashed and hung my spoils at the front of my closet.

These photos really do not do these little luxuries justice:

Vintage Shoes

Vintage Heels. From L to R: Nina, Bruno Magli, Clavel, Bandelino

Vintage Bruno Magli SlingbacksBruno Magli Slingbacks – Navy Velvet
Vintage 40's Skirt Blouse

Joseph Abboud Wool Skirt, Banana Republic Silk Blouse

Vintage Skirt Blouse

Scott McClintock Pencil Skirt, Magpie Rita Silky Blouse

Vintage 40s Suit

Wool JH Collectibles Suit, Tapestry Bag

Vintage Suit

Wool Larry Levine Suit

Vintage Nautical Dress

Petite Sophisticate Dress

Vintage Circle Skirt

Citra Kreasi Circle Skirt

Vintage Lingerie

Vanity Fair Girdle, Figuerettes Bullet Bra

Vintage Lingerie

Garter, Lily of France Bustier

Vintage Lingerie

Gaymode Camisole

I can’t stop staring at the Bruno Magli slingbacks.  It’s a wild love affair at this point.

ps: excuse the hideous plastic black hanger…I couldn’t find my wooden one anywhere!  Mischievous house elves…

toujours. always. xo.


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