Sloe, Gin, & Fizzy

Speaking of cocktails…

There is this adorable girl in Vancouver that I know.  She loves Grace Kelly fashion, Hall & Oates, and a man with, wait for it, a vintage-flavored cocktail blog!



Be still my heart.

Flapper Cafe

(from And One More for the Road)

Like old friends or perhaps long lost penpals, we chat about our lives, films, the hilarity of a teenage and shirtless Matthew McConaughey on Unsolved Mysteries, and our love of all things vintage.  If only you could spritz emails with Mitsouko… Anyway, she passed along the link to her fella’s cocktail blog the other day, and I was completely blown away.  And instantly wanted to teleport to 1920’s Paris and sip on a sloe gin fizz.  The first article I read was his latest on “Fernet February” (now my favorite month) in which two delicious looking Fernet Branca cocktail recipes taunt me with their citrus notes and complex flavors.  Take a nip:

Fernet Recipe

'Fernet February: "The Denny Triangle" from Jamie Boudreau at Canon' (And One More for the Road)

The posts on the aptly named “One More for the Road” are categorized by both era (1900 – 1940’s) and ingredients (from Absinthe to Whiskey).  Naturally, there is an homage to the flappers of the 1920s and the invention of the cocktail, all enveloped in the intoxicating cloud of mob violence, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and prohibition.  I like to imagine that Zelda’s greatest accessory was this Southside Fizz:

Southside Fizz Recipe

Southside Fizz Recipe (And One More for the Road)

I am currently engrossed in the history part of the site now, though I’m only up to the ’30s and its gin and Cointreu appertifs.  You can absolutely get lost in the history of cocktails, especially once you realize how intertwined current events and popular ingredients really are.  I guess cocktails are much like fashion and perfume in that respect.

So, you’ve got your DIY flask garter…fill it up with an authentic Parisian ‘sidecar’, shake it up doing the charleston, and enjoy its nostalgic flavor to the boisterous jazz tunes of Josephine Baker.

Sidecar Recipe

Sidecar Recipe (And One More for the Road)


If you would like hundreds more authentic, age-old cocktail recipes or are interested in the unique perspective liquor gives history, click on any of the photos or swing on over to And One More for the Road.  I can’t promise that you won’t become an alcoholic after reading it, but hey, maybe the world is ready for it’s next F. Scott or Zelda.

toujours. always. xo.



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