Anjou’s Top Songs of the ’50s

Through organizing all of my vintage-flavored posts, I realized that I’ve left out an integral part of culture and an absolute way of life for me.  What is fashion and dance and film and art without the music behind it?  Whether it’s playing in your head, on your phonograph, or from your lips, music sparks even the dullest moments.  And 50’s doo-wop and rock ‘n roll got me through a full day of sewing today, so I thought I’d share my absolute favorite songs from an era that lived by their instruments and loved by their lyrics – the 1950s.

I apologize in advance for the lack of Elvis, but it’s my belief that there is a clear distinction between the girls that love Elvis and the girls that love Johnny.

And darlin’, I walk the line.

Johnny Cash Young Guitar

Johnny Cash. (cherrybombed)


Here they are, in no particular style (I’m a smorgasbord kinda gal) and no apparent order (other than the order that I thought of them in):

The Duprees – ‘You Belong to Me’


The Ronettes – ‘Baby I Love You’


Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers – ‘Why do Fools Fall in Love’


Sunny Gale – ‘Smile’ (originally Charlie Chaplin)


Ritchie Valens – ‘We Belong Together’


The Cineemas – ‘Never Gonna Cry’


Johnny Cash – ‘Walk the Line’


Johnny Otis – ‘Willie and the Hand Jive’


Del Vikings – ‘Come and Go with Me’


Mickey and Sylvia – ‘Love is Strange’


And I know this one is 1961, but I can’t help myself.  I mean, it’s Patsy for goodness sakes.

Patsy Cline – ‘Crazy’


Ehh, and what the heck, while we’re breaking the rules…another Ritchie Valens song ’cause I love him so:

Ritchie Valens – ‘Come on Let’s Go’





  1. Love these. Fabulous list. xo.

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