Good Morning, from Seattle

Oh misty chilly mornings with the clatter of dishes and the smell of hot cocoa at the Bacon Mansion bed and breakfast in Capitol Hill.  We were led from the car to the front doorstep by a very talkative cat I’ve nicknamed Chub-Chub and who surely was an apparition or perhaps a rogue do-gooder creature, because the property manager had never met him before.  Our nautical themed room is adorable, naturally, and situated under a dormer on the top floor of what I can only assume used to be the attic.  It’s all very Woman in Black.

I scoped out the local thrift store almost immediately for “sensible shoes” (heels do not cut it here) and extra cardigans (the winter wind was nipping at me right through my wool coat).  We drank mochas and chai at Bauhaus and then had a fantastic evening catching up with old friends and lost acquaintances at Cafe Vita along with a delicious meal at the southern food specialists, Skillet (mason jars for every cocktail!), and an interesting topper at the Goth night at Pony.  Today, the space needle, Pike Place, and a little of the underground city.  Tomorrow, the Olympic Islands because I plan on lying down on the earthy forest floor, neck outstretched and jugular throbbing, waiting to be turned.

Seattle Morning

toujours from Seattle. xo.


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