Tips for New Etsy Sellers

Now that I am back in the land of eternal sunshine, where hours upon hours of daylight seemingly make me more productive, I suppose it’s time to get down to business.  Naturally, I am procrastinating!  Instead of starting about a thousand (okay, more like 4) tutus today, I thought I’d share some Etsy tips that I put together in response to a new shop owner’s message seeking advice.

Etsy Question

If, like me, you do not come from an advertising/marketing or business background, it may seem difficult to hone your hobbies and strategize.  However, being that we are all wonderfully creative and crafty people, it’s actually quite intuitive for us!

Over the past year and a half of developing Anjou, I’ve learned that besides style, the most important thing is branding.  Once you create an image and a style that folks admire, it’s practically impossible not to become a household name.  Complete the perfect package with innovative designs and professional techniques, and you will thrive.

Anjou Etsy Shop

An all-encompassing, simplistic piece of advice?  When in doubt, follow the Apple model!  Start with a pretty shiny object and make it invaluable.  Make your brand a thing to covet.  Create a culture.  It can apply to any business, really.

And now on to the specifics of my advice to the new Etsy shop owner:

– Link a blog to your shop and begin to develop a broad readership.  Do this by posting about topics that are “off-topic”.  If your brand is clothing or accessories, realize that fashion is for everyone, from all walks of life – everyone has to get dressed in the morning (or maybe they don’t…?).  I’ve found that I drive traffic to my blog by encompassing all of my interests and approaching all different niches – I appeal to the DIY-ers, history buffs, high fashion followers, knitters, home sewers, other sellers, photographers, categorization aficionados, literature and film devotees, etc. by talking about pretty much everything in the context of my shop and style.


Etsy Shop on Blog


– Trade or market your items to semi-professional models and/or photographers for gorgeous and inspired photos.  Pretty pictures = treasury listings = more traffic.  Plus, that puts you and the world one step closer to the triumphant return of the barter system.  What’s more DIY than that?


Anjou Tutu

– Renew listings every so often if they are not selling or haven’t received many hearts.  You may be listing your items in a saturated category and renewing puts them at the top of the search queue.  It’s also helpful to list anything that could be used for a wedding ceremony or reception in the wedding category.  Brides and wedding planners will become some of your biggest fans and most common clients.  Not to mention they are absolute joys to work with.  Who’s happier and more creative than a DIY bride?  Believe me, some of your best ideas will come from these brilliant minds saturated with the happy hormone.

Etsy Hearts


– If you find that you are not getting enough traffic or sales through Etsy alone, set up a shop on Ebay and on your own site or blog, as well as doing pop-up shops, swap meets, guesting, consignment, etc.  Have a YouTube channel with tutorials or product reviews.  The more you get your name out there, the more it will be on the tips of peoples’ tongues.


Anjou Youtube


– Have a back-up source of income – run your shop as a hobby and because you love it.  Do this because certainly no one (definitely not me) is getting rich off of just Etsy.  Or, for that matter, even making a decent living.  And the people that are, either have brick and mortar stores or sell elsewhere.  Don’t let Etsy fool you into believing that it should be the one-stop-shop for your items.

– The number one thing to remember is to maintain a style and create an image.  A beautiful girl on the street should be able to take one look at a dress or skirt of mine and say “Hey, that looks like an Anjou”.  If people do not tell you that things “look like one of yours” often enough, then you need to devote more time to developing your image and creating a brand.  Meditate, hike, write, or draw your way to who you really are and what you really think is your style.  It may not even be what you would normally wear, but it should be something that in your wildest dreams, you would.

Anjou Clothing

Anjou Clothing

So, I hope that helped and that you can just relax and create for the love of it.  If you follow these tidbits of advice and are completely your adorable and unique selves, everything else will come naturally.




  1. Very nicely written. Etsy is such a wonderful and creative community of craftspeople, but so many fail because they just don’t have the tools to know how to market their talent. Wonderful “tidbits”!

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