Cake Pops

This took a lot of hemming and hawing, a crazy amount of caffeine consumption, and a ton of feeling overwhelmed, but I have made the completely reversible decision to put custom dress orders from my shop on hold for a couple of months.  Ya’ll be getting married like adorable little blushing bride bunnies, and I have just got to be able to spend the time needed to make your dresses perfect.  Plus, this teensy tiny break will allow me to sew up some gorgeous fabric into sample dresses.

Most likely I will lift the hold (that sounds so governmental!) by mid April.  Until then, I will still be taking custom orders for tulle skirts and tutus as well as listing some new and to-die-for vintage.  Pink slipper satin wiggle dress anyone?

In any case, I am terribly sorry for dampening your beautiful spirits, but ooh look, shinies!

::my covert and not at all obvious distraction technique::

I curated a sugary treasury that is sure to please your sweet tooth –>

Vintage Pastel Dresses

Vintage Pastel Dresses



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