Pictures of My Cats Sewing

Well, it’s just like it sounds.

I admit.  I have an unhealthy, fully committable obsession with cats.  If I unearthed a pile of gold bars underneath my floorboards, I would build my cats the most epic catio to ever grace this Earth.  In fact, it may even be incorporated as a city…

Catralia? After my other unhealthy obsession with Centralia, the ghost town in Pennsylvania whose underground coal veins are still on fire after a spooky disaster in 1962.  Catalonia?  For my love of Barcelona.  Catillion?  In honor of the age-old, high-society traditional debutante ball.  The possibilities are endless.

In any event, my cats are often the subject of my photographic escapades and since I am usually sewing or covered in tulle, so are they.

Here are photos of one Miss Lady Grey and the most handsome boy you will ever lay eyes on, Powder Pants, sewing up a storm in a fabric-covered world.

Sewing Cat

Sewing Cat

Knitting Cat

Lazy Cats

Cat Fabric

Sewing Cat

Sewing Cat

Bow Cat

When they are on lunch break from foreman-ing my work, they tend to get a little cray cray (I think they are nippin’ it up in the bathroom).  This is when they wind up in kitty prison –>

Kitty Prison

Kitty Prison

Kitty Prison

Kitty Prison



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