A Tutu Fit for an Irish Girl

With Saint Patty’s Day just around the rainbow, who doesn’t have green on the mind?  Although I love a foam mustache from a frothy Guinness as much as any girl, I prefer to avoid the kellys and the forests and the neons of the usual holiday greenery and instead go with more subtle, muted variations for my clothing.  Hues like sage and mint and pear and olive just make me think of all things fresh and crisp and still give the proverbial hi-five to our favorite Irish holiday.

Here’s a tutu that I just made that reminds me of perhaps an Irish coffee (or when I’m desperate for sweets, mint chocolate chip ice cream).  And who doesn’t love a little kick in their morning coffee?

Brown and Mint Tutu

Romantic Ballerina Tulle Tutu Skirt with Satin Sash by Anjou in Antique Gold and Mint Green

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day!

toujours.always.xo to your liver.



  1. OH love love love!

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