There’s a new tutu on the block

See what all of this precious free time is affording me?  Okay, so I don’t exactly have free time since I am still trying to clear my brain and dress orders from vacationland, but I somehow eeked this beauty out.  Based off another lovely customer’s request, I present to you a fun and modern take on a ballerina tutu: a poufy tulle skirt with a sexay pencil skirt underneath!  It’s all like “ooh I’m a party on top and totally business underneath.”  It’s available now in the Anjou shop, ready and waiting and counting the minutes until your delicious color customizations sass it up.

Tutu with Pencil Skirt

Romantic Ballerina Tulle Tutu Skirt with Pencil Skirt and Satin Sash by Anjou - Whimsical Wedding, Party, Formal, Holiday




  1. this is adorable!!

  2. I LOVE tutu’s. This one is so perfect and dainty. You’re really talented!!

  3. Yay, thanks!! The idea came from a customer – I swear the internet makes me realize just how creative and brilliant people really are.

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