Bad Girls of the 50s

The 1950s.  A time when ponytails and saddle shoes ruled the scene.  Girls were seen, not heard; had dinner on the table and laundry folded neatly in the drawers.

That is until these little vixens got wise and bobby socked poodle skirts all the way to the back wall at the sock hop.

Wallflowers took a seat and not by choice.  Brazen girls in pedal pushers, leather jackets, platform wedges, silk scarves, off-the-shoulder and sleeveless tops, and tight satin dresses pushed their way past the front and underneath the bleachers.  Not only did they express their bad-assness in political, societal, and sports arenas, but they showed off their womanly curves and look-at-me attitude while doing it.

So this goes out to all the bad girls of the 50s who pushed the envelope when envelopes were small and dainty with perfectly square corners and sealed flaps.  Hot pink envelopes that require two stamps are so much more fun.

Bruce Davidson Photo 50s Girl

photograph by Bruce Davidson

50s Girls

Photographer unknown

Ken Russell 50s girls

photograph by Ken Russell (Jean Raynor)

Ken Russell 50s girls

photograph by Ken Russell (Jean Raynor)

50s Girl Mugshot

photograph retouched by Larken Design

Rosa Parks Arrested

Rosa Parks. 1955.

Girl at Elvis Concert

photograph of a photograph (at Elvis' home in Memphis) by Anjou

50s Girls in Motorcycle Race

Photographer unknown




  1. That’s the spirit!

    (Much respect to Rosa Parks and all those brave women who paved the way for us)

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