Betty in Blue

Speaking of Betty Draper, I just completed the last stitches on a custom dress for my vintage vixen friend’s Mad Men season premiere party (that with every undying wish, I’d die to attend).  It’s pale blue and collared and completely delicate with all the coldness and decorum of a a 50’s housewife.  But I’ll be damned if I am ever going to work with stretch lace again.  Not only does it not want to stay put, but it burns on iron contact!  See how nothing lines up despite its absolute positioning?…I swear if you just tug on that damned lace a little, everything is copacetic.  I suppose I’ll just have to make her a secret dress in exchange for the less-than-stellar fabric.  Sigh, all that elastic threading is just too much trouble for a Joan like me.

I was going to upload a gorgeous, umpteen-pixeled photo but I seemed to have misplaced my camera card…I blame it on the bottle of unfiltered saki with my scrumptious sushi dinner.

So cheers to a crappy iPhone photo!

Betty Draper Reproduction Dress

For Rachel, my Betty.





  1. It’s very nice!

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