It’s a gobbledygook afternoon

Well, it’s another sunny, breezy day in the foothills of Hollywood.  The birds are chirping, the avocados are landing on my roof with thuds and plunks, and the cats are busy making that weird clicking noise as they run back and forth following squirrels scampering about in the trees.

But I feel like being a little moody and a lot nostalgic, so I plan on enjoying it from behind a wide-open window and indulging in a marathon of 40’s movies; maybe dwindle this list down a bit: romantic comedies of the 1940s

Just one thing, before I settle down with coffee and toast and jam…the post office!  It’s just a couple blocks down the hill, but a breezy pleated skirt and a crocheted sweater are so necessary.  And delightful!  Only, when the wind blows the light material against me, it leaves little to the silhouette-driven imagination.

Vintage Day Outfit

Vintage Day Outfit - vintage crocheted short sleeve sweater, vintage pleated skirt, necklaces by Edor, sunglasses by Anthropologie

Alright, off to decipher the odd dialect  of the 1940s.  Speaking of, have you seen Zooey Deschanel’s 1940’s newspaper office sketch on SNL?  Hilarious and EXACTLY how I feel.

a sunshiny toujours.always.xo


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