Why the modern woman is the perfect mix of Joan, Peggy, and Betty

A little bit Joan in my life, a little bit of Peggy by my side, a little bit of Betty is all I need, …

Madmen Gals


The season premiere of Mad Men airing tonight has me contemplating not only how the costume designers are likely kicking the show’s writers for not starting the characters out in the late 1950s instead of the mid-60s (I’m finding it nearly impossible to find anything about 70’s wear to get excited about), but also which female lead I would be in real life.

I found myself saying “Well, I am this way like Joan, but then this way like Peggy, and oh but, also this way like Betty.”  It was then that I realized that modern women are all a perfect mix of the Mad Men gals.  No longer do we have to be either a Jackie or a Marilyn.

Jackie or Marilyn Mad Men Playtex Copy



We have grown up as a society and women are now a complex cocktail – mothers, bosses, sex therapists, gene splicers, writers, cougars, bill payers, and store owners.  I could sashay around in a Joan dress, dropping people to their knees, all while making executive decisions and breastfeeding my baby.  Okay, so that’s kind of a weird image, but you get the point.

Here are the qualities of each girl that modern women are proud to call their own:



– Confident.  Has an unparalleled sexual prowess.  Exhibits a superior command over the English language and is quick as lightening with her wit.  Occasionally let’s her heart get the best of her.

Joan Mad Men



– Conscientious.  Constantly pushing boundaries.  Never afraid to speak her mind.  Retains a childlike innocence that is at once trustworthy and compelling.  Number one ball-breaker.

Peggy Olsen



– Conservative in manners, but daring in fashion.  Places importance on the household and creating a family environment.  Retains a certain selfishness, taking time for hobbies (junior league, horse-back riding) and pampering.  Not afraid to seek out guidance and therapy.

Betty Mad Men


So pour yourself a cocktail, don a classic dress, and be the modern mix that you are.  JoBeggy?  I think it works.

hours away. always. xo.



  1. **(I’m finding it nearly impossible to find anything about 70′s wear to get excited about)**
    Well, there’s the Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress. They are flattering to almost every figure. And I like long cardigan/sweater coat thingys, but that’s probably because I’m menopausal and when I’m not roasting I’m freezing. Clogs are cute. I love knee-high boots. Turtlenecks make my boobs look great. And tight bootcut jeans make my legs look loooooong and my hips look slim. However I could go the rest of my life and never see another jumpsuit and it would be fine by me. ;-)

    • Haha, and the jumpsuits are making a comeback! I do love me some Diane Von Fursterburg and knee-high boots, though. I don’t know, I guess I just miss old Betty with her petticoats and circle skirts

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