Old Hollywood is calling…

Uh-oh.  I’ve got the 5 year itch.  The one that gnaws at the back of my mind in whispery little breaths of air: “Certainly you want to be blonde, you do.  Veronica Lake, Jean Harlow, Bette Davis, just think…”

And I don’t mean for this to read as a tumblr, but I simply must post photos of demure and seductive blondes from eras past.  Well, one specific era.  Since writing about my dream date in old Hollywood, I can’t stop the stream of consciousness that flashes images of the golden girls from the Golden Age before my painted eyes.  That sulty, darkened honey-blond of the 1930s.  One eye covered with a finger wave, curls flowing down the back in a U.  You know the image.

Here are the bombshell references that I may or may not be be taking to a little vintage salon in Burbank tomorrow…wink.

Photoplay Blonde Bombshell


“I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s the little things that matter… I was always a rebel and probably could have got much farther had I changed my attitude. But when you think about it, I got pretty far without changing attitudes. I’m happier with that.” -Veronica Lake


1930s Blonde Hair Old Hollywood


Jean Harlow Old Hollywood Blonde



Barbara Peyton Old Hollywood Blonde



And some modernized versions of the glam, old Hollywood blonde.


Old Hollywood Blonde Hair



Blake Lively Old Hollywood



Scarlett Johannssen Old Hollywood Blonde



Bisou, bisou.



  1. Such a glam era. Great inspiration!

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