Blondes really do have more fun

Armed with inspiration, I drove through the studios of Burbank yesterday morning to a tucked away vintage salon on the adorably named Magnolia Street.  I had my consultation last Friday, so this was it, my curtain call.  My hair has been an au naturale basic brown for about a year and a half now, and I just couldn’t keep that pesky old Hollywood waiting on the line any longer.

Frenchy's Beauty Parlor Burbank

Frenchy's Beauty Parlor Burbank

Frenchy's Beauty Parlor Burbank (


On top of being cute-as-pie and sporting a great Fargo-style accent to boot (aboot), my stylist Lori channeled her inner Jean Harlow and worked some serious 1930s magic…without bleach!  New Aveda single process blonde to the glamorous rescue.  So after about an hour of sitting under a luxurious hair dryer, ravishing two cups of coffee with hazelnut creamer, and somehow making it through the awkward dinner party where Countess Ellen Olenska is formally introduced to New York’s high society in the Age of Innocence, I was completely and undeniably old Hollywood blonde.  Naturally I had to put on one of my new vintage dresses, fashion some pin curls ala Veronica Lake, and head out for a romantic date at Comme Ça, a dimly lit and buzzing West Hollywood french brasserie with craft cocktails and bouillabaisse to die for.

Excuse the less-than-stellar megapixels…my DSLR is currently losing a battle.

Old Hollywood Blonde Hair

Old Hollywood Blonde Hair

Old Hollywood Makeup

I followed this tutorial by my absolute favorite makeup artist on YouTube,  pixiwoo.   I left out the creepy ‘rosebud’ mouth shape (it makes me think of Joan Crawford as Mommie Dearest) and opted for a more peachy palette to match my newly golden locks.

Rosebud Mouth 1930s

Rosebud Mouth of the 1930s


I also stumbled upon this little gem in my hunt for more 1930’s makeup techniques:

1930s Makeup Guide

Well, I’m a blonde now.  I suppose that calls for a wardrobe and makeup redux!  I feel pinks and peaches and corals and aquas whispering my name…

Bisou, bisou.


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