A “fascinating” and easy to knit vintage jumper!

“You’ll see this jumper in the film “Fashion Sketches” in a lovely tone of blue “Anchor Tricoton.” Such an adorable neckline!”

Joan Blondell

…or so reads the tagline of the knitting instructions for this “fascinating” jumper.  Naturally I googled the film and came up with this:


Nothing!  I am almost positive this film does not exist.  At first I thought the starlet pictured was Bette Davis, but upon closer inspection, I’m thinking it’s actually Joan Blondell.  She was a prolific actress throughout the pre-code days of Warner Bros with a starring role in the infamous “Gold Diggers of 1933.”

Joan Blondell

Joan Blondell

It’s possible they renamed the film or it never ran, but in any case it resulted in this bombshell jumper complete with knitting instructions!

Vintage Knitting Pattern Jumper Sweater


I also scouted the shade F.507 of blue Anchor Tricoton yarn called for in the pattern instructions which again resulted in a deafening cyber silence.  However, I did find this AH-mazing promotional film for cotton yarn starring two very glamorous models assisted by french maids.  There’s even a kitten in it!   And lo and behold, he’s playing with a ball of anchor tricoton, which appears to be a thin, cotton crocheting yarn.

Paris Modes – a Dorland Fashion film (

1930s Film French Maid Glamour Knitting

Paris Modes. (click on pic to link to vid -

I will be working with completely the wrong type of yarn because I just love the softness and hand-dyed colors of Malabrigo‘s worsted wool.  The exact shade of blue used for the original pattern is buried somewhere in Warner Bros’ forgotten reels, but I imagine it would be pretty close to the ‘stone blue’ I’m using.

Malabrigo Worsted Wool Yarn Stone Blue

Malabrigo Worsted Wool Yarn in Stone Blue

If you are knitting this fascinating jumper pattern with me, a wonderful good luck to you!  I’ll be posting my results (hopefully it isn’t terribly tragic) and I hope to see yours as well.  And, if you have any insight on the mystery film, the starlet, or the anchor tricoton in question, I’d be eternally in your gracious debt.

Bisou, bisou.



  1. How cute! Gold Diggers of 1933 was my favorite movie when I was 11 or 12 (1980ish). My mom took me to see it at a restored theater in the downtown of our city, and I thought it was just magical.

    • Aw that’s so incredible that you saw it in a theatre!! And that your mom took you; love it. The one here stopped showing old movies awhile back and now only shows those weird cult animation things, haha. So having seen her on the big screen, do you think the girl in the knitting photo is Joan? It looks so much like her!

      • The mouth looks the same, particularly the full lower lip, the cupid’s bow upper lip and the aquiline nose. The eyes look to be a different shape, but that could be the magic of makeup. I’ve just browsed about 150 pics of her. She had a LOT of different looks, but based on the mouth and the width between the eyes (something that never changes) I’d say you’re right.

      • Haha, I know, right?! It’s like, man, they really did some magical things with makeup back then…must be that soft-focus lens. Only in the ’30s could two starlets look like Bette Davis. Definitely, the mouth though, you’re right, and the width. So funny, I wonder whatever happened to the “Fashion Sketches” film…

  2. Wow – please do post when it’s done!

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