Vintage-inspired baby girl dress

Cuteoverload, lolcats, and miniature giraffes have nothing on the sugary sweet feeling I got from making my very first baby dress.  The whole experience was just too cute for words.  I based the pattern off of the bridesmaids’ dresses that I am making for a casual garden party wedding with a vintage feel, and I could just die a thousand cutie pie deaths at the result.  During the process, I am sure that I held up each tiny piece and oohed and aahed for at least five minutes.  I don’t know this adorable 8 month-old girl, but I sure felt my heart melt while making her tiny dress.

You guys.  Why are baby clothes just so adorable.

Retro Vintage 1950s Childrens Baby Dress

Vintage-inspired baby girl dress by Anjou

Little baby bisous.



  1. I am in love with these striking party wear dresses…. Amazing patterns, fabulous colors…I am really going to fill my closet with all of them. Whether its prom night or cocktail party, these dazzling dresses are perfect to adorn in to mesmerize everyone with your oozing charm and sensuality.

  2. When it comes to dressing little girls, the comfortable fabric and simple yet attractive designs holds the importance. These dresses are really perfect for the little girls to be worn in sunny days. I guess my daughter is really going to like these lovely stylish dresses.

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