Pierrot doesn’t get the girl, but he sure gets fashion

Poor Pierrot; a clown whose true love leaves him standing alone, tear-stained and foolish in his enormous accordion collar.  A common character in pantomime and Commedia dell’Arte, Pierrot just never seems to get the girl.  It’s the handsome and colorful Harlequin that always lands the babe, but you know what?  It’s Pierrot’s fashion we’re all obsessed with!  His name conjures images of blousy white dresses and tunics, pursed and painted lips, and a freshly powdered face.  And oh that expression, a beautiful example of tragedy personified.

Paul Legrand Pierrot

Paul Legrand as Pierrot (

Although Pierrot is unlucky in love, he sure has pointed lady luck in my direction…This May, I have the sensational pleasure of working with my very favorite model-photographer team on a Pierrot inspired shoot!  I can’t divulge the complete amazing details quite yet, but I will say that there is going to be a wild animal involved and it is going to be pure magic!  Sigh, if only I had a summer flat in Europe so that I could join these fun and gorgeous girls in their wonderful adventures.  I’m going to daydream the remainder of the evening away with images of wild fields and gallivanting fashion, but in the meantime, here is my inspiration board for the shoot!

Pierrot Fashion Inspiration Board

Pierrot Fashion Inspiration Board by Anjou



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