It’s a scrumptious, pastel world

Lately, I’ve been in a pastel cake and champagne sort of mood.  Maybe it’s the scent of summer shadowing the spring breeze or the way the late afternoon sun now filters in through the treetops, dappling my face, but I just want to watch Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette over and over again until her world becomes mine.  That is, until the French Revolution comes knocking at the door.

Some Marie Antoinette flavored goodies pour vouz et moi – in the pistachio, aqua, lilac, blush, and buttery yellow colors of a pastel world.

Marie Antoinette Coppola Kirsten Dunst Cakes


Marie Anotoinette Cakes Pastel

Marie Antoinette Cupcakes Pastel


Marie Antoinette Pastel Cake

Marie Antoinette Cake Frosting


Marie Antoinette Cake Bon bons

Marie Antoinette Makeup

Macarons Marie Antoinette

(Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun)

Marie Antoinette Shoes

Marie Antoinette Candy

Suddenly, I’m feeling inspired to jump into a pile of toile, damask, and brocade.

Bisous, toujours.



  1. WithLoveShmon says:

    I wanna watch this movie again :)

  2. This is one of my favorite parts of the movie while they played the song “I Want Candy.” I really love this and the movie! :)

    • Me too!!! So good. And I love how Sofia Coppola threw in the baby blue converse in the shoe scene as well. I could watch this movie over and over for the eye candy alone! :)

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