Dress envy at Versailles

Marie Antoinette Blue and Pink Hangover

By a happy mistake, it looks like it’s Marie Antoinette week on Anjou!  Sofia Coppola’s Spring Queen is just so impossible to forget once you revel in her pale and delicate decadence.  I’ve already drooled over the luscious bon bons and pastries on the royal tables (see: It’s a Scrumptious, Pastel World), so the obvious next step is the wardrobe!  Kirsten Dunst has commented that she wore 60 gowns throughout the film; talk about a girl’s wildest fantasy coming true.  And thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, all 60 gorgeous creations are catalogued on my new favorite site: The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes.

Maggie, the owner of the site, does an incredible job of researching each of Marie’s costumes, providing detailed information on the fabrics, design, and inspiration behind them.  She even has photos of most of the gowns exhibited in museums.  And let me just say that after oohing and ahhing over each gown’s particulars, there is certainly no mistaking why Milena Canonero won an Academy Award for the film’s costume design.

It pains me to have to pick and choose which gowns to show here, but I’ve narrowed them down to only my absolute favorites.  Please, for the sake of all that is beautiful about period films, check out The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes.  But beware, Marie Antoinette is only one of many films showcased and you may very well lose a few days or a few weeks wading through the yardage.

Marie Antoinette Blue Dress Red Belt

Marie Antoinette Yellow and Pink Dress

Marie Antoinette Black Masquerade Mask Dress

Marie Antoinette Black Pink Cape

Marie Antoinette  Blue Gown Tricorn

Marie Antoinette Wedding Gown

Marie Antoinette  Garden Gown Dress

Marie Antoinette Wreath

Marie Antoinette  Gambling Gown

Marie Antoinette Pink Dress Gown French Premeire

Marie Antoinette Floral Gown Dress Church

*all images courtesy of The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes.  My unabashed love for this website is completely unsolicited and is 100% a current obsession.

Bisous and let us eat scrumptious, pastel-colored cakes!



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    I just adore this site! Plenty of pics from the film for MA fans and what a talented seamstress!

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