DIY Scooter Basket Inspiration

Retro Style Scooter Moped

Meet Creamsicle!

Scooter Repair

Mechanic-dressmaker at work.

I officially know way more about carburetors and fuel pumps than a seamstress should ever know.  In fact, I think I may now open a dressmaking/scooter repair shop.  Anyone wanna sell cupcakes off of a shabby chic school desk out front?

Creamsicle (my scooter above) is finally back on the road after three days of intense garage-based home repair by yours truly.  I didn’t always use the right tools or proper methods, but I can honestly say I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of how my lil cutie operates.  And I feel better knowing that I’ll never need to take it in for repairs; I’ll just make myself a pot of coffee and get a little dirty to the tunes of Edith Piaf instead.

So now all I need is an Amelia Earhart style helmet and to craft a DIY flower basket, crate trunk, and coffee cup holder!  Here is the inspiration I’ll be drawing from for these near-future garage projects:

Audrey Hepburn Scooter

Audrey Hepburn

Vintage Parisian Crate DIY


Vintage Flight Stewardess Moped Scooter


Vintage Bicycle Basket


Vintage Parisian Moped


Bicycle basket print, pastel pink spring flowers by Raceytay on Etsy

Vintage Vespa Ad

Vintage Vespa ad (

Vintage Paris Moped Scooter

by John and Tina Reid on Flickr

Vintage Milk Crate


Vintage Vespa Ad

Vintage milk crates

Vintage milk crates by ingenuityondisplay on Etsy

Bicycle Wine Crate Trunk DIY


Vintage DIY Crates


Bisous from the road!



  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! I want to go to Paris now :-)

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