A cabbage rose wardrobe

I know it’s completely cliche, but lately I am so inspired by flowers.  The colors are organically vibrant or just the perfect shade of muted pale whimsy, the silhouettes are multi-dimensional with petals nesting in each other and surprise pockets of deepened color or pops of yellow pollen…let’s just say it’s a open-eyed study in the prosaic and a love affair re-discovered.

Naturally, I’m not speaking of the quintessential yellow daisy or red rose, but rather out-of-the-ordinary botanicals and varieties.

Are you envisioning dress silhouettes and dye-schemes from peonies and cornflowers like I am?


Peonies. (


White Easter Lily

White lily (


Cabbage Rose Peach

Cabbage rose (


Dahlia Lilac

Dahlia Lilac (


Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia (



Cornflowers (



Scabiosa. (



Wisteria. (



Lisianthus (


Shabby Chic Bouquet

Shabby Chic Bouquet. (


Shabby Chic Bouquet

Shabby Chic Bouquet with Ranunculus (


Are there any flowers that inspire you?




  1. mothcaterpillar says:

    wow! wisteria looks so beautiful! I totally can see a maxidress :-)

  2. Love your photos ^^ The Wisteria just looks stunning! Incredible. A purple waterfall <3

    • Thanks, lady! Sometimes I can’t believe how lovely nature is :) Is it sad that I learned about wisteria from the Desperate Housewives set at Universal, haha (Wisteria Lane)

  3. Love your photos. I grow 6 varieties of David Austin roses. The cabbage rose are among my favorites….

    • Your comment inspired me to do a little online poking around about David Austin roses, and I fell completely in love! Though while perusing, I confess I got sidetracked by the unconventional beauty of Noisettes…I didn’t realize there were so many rose varieties! I can’t wait to read up more on the antiques. Anywho, off to watch your “garden walk” (I LOVE your blog!)

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