Couture Ballet

A ballet-lover’s dream has come true!  Inspired by, one can only guess, the Rodarte-designed gowns and costumes for Black Swan, the New York City Ballet is going couture.   On May 10, Gilles Mendel will be debuting his high-fashion tutus during the brand new brainchild of Master in Chief Peter Martin, “Mes Oiseaux.”  This is all according to The Daily and oh, how I am silently crying that I am not in New York already.

Sara Mearns (New York City Ballet via ‘The Daily’)

NYC Ballet Costumes

Costumes by Marc Happel (Taylor Jewell via The Daily)

Ballet costume fabrics

Fabrics (Taylor Jewell via The Daily)

Gilles Mendel Marc Happel NYC Ballet Costumes

Gilles Mendel and Marc Happel (New York City Ballet via ‘The Daily’)

Gilles Mendel (New York City Ballet via ‘The Daily’)

Not only is frenchie Mendel’s haute couture going to be entering stage right (or is it left..I can never get them straight), but take a shot in the dark as to who is sponsoring the sparkling night?

Oh, just Dior and Swarovski.  No big deal or anything.

Swarovski gala.

Swarovski gala.

Not to mention that Natalie Portman will be the honorary chair of the Spring Gala evening and she’ll be showing off a new Rodarte collection.  How does one’s senses even comprehend that much titillation?  It’s enough to make a girl need a fainting couch and smelling salts.

Rodarte Ballet Dress


Rodarte Ballet Dress Costume


Rodarte installation MOCA

Rodarte installation at MOCA.

Rodarte designs for Black Swan

Rodarte designs for Black Swan

Natalie Portman Black Swan Rodarte

Natalie Portman in Black Swan in Rodarte design

In this video on The Daily, get a rare look at a couture designer’s trepidations on designing for the stage:

For more details, head to The Daily to read the entire article and view some more photos.

So what do you think?  Are you as thrilled as I am about this collaboration (and think it’s been a long time coming)?




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