Coral me crazy

Uh-oh.  I’m having a new wild love affair.  Lilac will always be number one in my heart, but there’s a certain peachy pinky orange that’s wooing me from its perch atop the spring color chart.

Coral me crazy, but my oh my it’s a lovely lively color.

I think it all started when I came across this vintage floorlength gown by Lorrie Deb of San Francisco (which I will be donning for a June wedding):

Vintage Coral Dress

Vintage 1960’s coral dress by Lorrie Deb of San Francisco.


From there, I’ve been envisioning dresses of my own in aqua and pale coral cotton chintz:

Coral Color

Coral cotton chintz fabric.

aqua cotton chintz

Aqua cotton chintz fabric.


And, of course, doing some research on the origins and varieties of the color.

It turns out that the color coral is, in fact, derived from the much-photographed and sea-dwelling cnidarian known as…coral!

Coral sphere

Coral sphere. (


It’s also a rather exquisite and renowned color for one of my favorite perennials, the peony.

Coral peony

Paeonia Coral Charm (

And let’s just be honest; is any other color more flattering in vintage dress form?

Vintage Coral Dress

Vintage coral dress. (aiseirigh on Etsy)


Fearne Cotton Moschino

Fearne Cotton in coral Moschino dress (

Have you fallen head-over-heels with any other colors this season?

Hey coral, big fan here.  Bisous.



  1. Love love love coral and ADORE that vintage dress! Awesome post for colour alone :)

  2. Lovely dress, and an even lovelier post! I really enjoyed your exploration of color

  3. that little short dress is amazing <3 I love it! The one that actress is wearing looks so flattering.. I want one! teehee

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